Built for Adventure.

We are forever inspired by the snowy mountain peaks and salty waves of the great outdoors. Experiencing the thrill of being one with the elements is what we strive for. Because connecting with nature is the greatest adventure of them all.

Designed for Life.

Our garments are here to stay. We create clothes that are effortless, timeless, and harmless to our planet. Our circular and climate-positive pieces are true companions and will stay with you for all your life.

Better forever.

Perfection lies in purity. We don’t take from nature but use and recycle what is already here. And only when we gave it our everything, we give it our signature. For a better tomorrow. For infinite joy in nature.

Dear Tradepartner,

The Creative Change-Makers of PYUA are pioneering a planet-positive future since 2008. This mission is still ours – but now we want more: we want to inspire infinite joy in nature. 
We lead with Purity. Our name is our signature. We are happy to introduce the new brand story and our complete new collection to you with this digital workbook.

Dr. Stefan Mohr | CEO PYUA


to our retail area. We want to inspire you with the summary of our brand and product relaunch. Please feel free to use the konfigurator for sending us your request. We are looking forward to get in touch with you to discuss your order of the collection 21/22.

Michael Vogt | Head of Sales

The collection

Our new PYUA is about the essence of our joy in nature. We create garments, that unite elegance, timelessness and high-end performance.
What we do goes beyond outerwear – we want to give you a companion, who is meant to last.

Arianna Fritz | Head of Product

Collection Winter 21/22


Collection Summer 22


Better forever.

Our vision is to close the textile loop. You are invited to explore our cycle.
We are passionate for our work: it is the future!

Fibre & Yarn
Fabric & Membran


We are not just designing a cool jacket …


Fair and ecological  manufacturing




Take care of yourself and your jacket


Give your jacket a new life


Ready for restart

Fibre & yarn

Fibre & yarn production

Fabric & membran

Fabric & membran production

… we are creating a sustainable system. From the selection of the fabric until the design of the collection.

We have reliable partners who take over responsibility for their employees. Our production philosophy is about short transportation ways and the usage of synergy effects.

We offer a reusable shipping bag for the order within our online shops.

We help you taking care of your PYUA product. We also offer care instructions and repair services.

We will give you opportunities to return your old piece for professional recycling and offer you a discount on a new PYUA piece as a bonus!

The textiles are shredded into small fiber structures, which are then turned into a granulate through melting processes.

From recycled granulate, new fibres are produced which will be spun to new yarn.

From new yarn, new fabric will be woven and laminated to the membrane, which is also a recycled one.

Your visual order configurator

Are you already curious how the collection will look like in your store? Use our configurator to combine different styles and create your PYUA collection 2021/22.

And if you need assistance or more information – feel free to call us, we’re happy to help.

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